2017 Police Leadership Award recipient

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2017 Police Leadership Award recipient

Postby Mark Reesor » Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:22 am

AURORA, ON -- Blue Line Magazine is pleased to announce the selection of Vancouver Police Constable Cinda Michael as the recipient of the 2017 Blue Line Police Leadership Award.

Blue Line's Police Leadership Award recognizes and encourages a standard of excellence that exemplifies "Leadership as an Activity not a Position," and pride in service to the public. Its goal is to increase effectiveness, influence, and quality of police situational leadership from both an organizational and community perspective. This award is open to active Canadian police officers below the rank of senior officer who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to service through deeds resulting in a measurable benefit to their peers, their service and the community.

The selection committee of this year's award feel that Cst. Cinda Michael best exemplifies the values and qualities of leadership within the law enforcement community. Her untiring dedication as a crisis negotiator with the Vancouver Police Department and her willingness to share her knowledge and skills both locally, nationally and internationally has enhanced the profession of police work everywhere. Additionally her efforts has saved many lives over the years and reduced untold levels of stress within the community.

The most serious type of incidents that a police officer can encounter are those involving suspects in a heightened emotional state as they pose the greatest risk to the officers, the general public and have the greatest propensity for violence. There are few people who have dedicated more toward improving the skills police officers have in helping to resolve these types of high-risk situations than Constable Cinda Michael.

Cst. Michael joined the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) in 1989. In early 2000, Cinda joined the VPD's Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) and early on showed great promise as a crisis negotiator. With a devotion to duty and through her own efforts as a member of the CNT she has since built an enviable reputation as one of Canada's most accomplished crisis negotiators. She has been a true visionary in this field and by her well-earned reputation is now sought out by other police agencies across the country and around the world seeking advice or instruction on crisis negotiation techniques.

Over the course of her career she has educated hundreds of police officers, crisis negotiators and medical practitioners in these precious life saving techniques and in the process of doing so has helped to save countless lives.

In 2005, Cinda chose to take on even more responsibility as a lead Negotiator Liaison Officer (NLO) bringing her closer into the inner circle of what is the Command Triangle. Excelling in this new role she put forward a business plan to create a position for the VPD'S first Negotiator Coordinator and in 2010 she took on that new and challenging role. As a direct result of her guidance and leadership over the last 17 years she has managed to mold the VPD'S Crisis Negotiator Program into what is now regarded as world class.

Based on her reputation as a leader in this field she has for many years been teaching at the Canadian Police College (CPC) in Ottawa. As one of the CPC'S lead instructors she has also been invited to attend the FBI National Negotiator Course in Quantico, Virginia and the UK National Negotiator Course in England.

She has been instrumental in re-writing the CPC's Negotiator Basic Course. In 2012, she developed the VPD's first two-week Crisis Negotiator selection course, which has proven itself a valuable tool in identifying the best possible candidates for crisis negotiator training.

Working with Dr. Randy Mackoff, a widely recognized expert in crisis intervention techniques, she also helped to develop a crisis negotiations workshop that she teaches with Dr. Mackoff to psychologists and psychiatrists who provide consultative advice to law enforcement. She is so highly regarded in this field of expertise that she has also been requested to teach crisis negotiations techniques to police agencies as far east as Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Blue Line Magazine has selected Constable Cinda Michael as a person truly worthy of the distinction of the Police Leadership Award. Through her dedication and tireless effort she made a more than substantial difference to the manner in which police agencies locally, nationally and internationally address and manage these often-volatile situations.

Constable Cinda Michael will be recognized at a special banquet and awards ceremony on the evening of May 2, 2017 at the International Center in Toronto, ON.

For further details go to http://www.bluelineexpo.com/event/leadership-award

~ JUDGES - 2017 Award ~

Morley Lymburner
Publisher Ermeritus- Blue Line Magazine
Email: Morley@blueline.ca

Mike Sale
Insp. (Ret.) Toronto Police Service
Judge Coordinator

Peter German
D/Commissioner (Ret) Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Armand La Barge
Chief (Ret.) York Regional Police

Frank Beazley
Chief (Ret.) Halifax Regional Police

Maurice Pilon
D/Commissioner (Ret.) Ontario Provincial Police

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