Give me a dime for every innovative idea

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Give me a dime for every innovative idea

Postby Morley » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:22 am

Being the new breed of young cop in the early 70’s, I was well prepared to innovate at every opportunity. Innovation, however, is not necessarily the handmaiden of reality.

Almost every city officer had to walk the beat at some point in my younger days and my fondest memories are of Weston Road in west end Toronto. A tavern, variously referred to as the ‘bucket of blood’ or ‘The Weston Drunk Tank’ was a major problem. It was my job to be on hand at closing time to keep order and make sure the drunks didn’t drown; a good number managed to stumble over the Humber River embankment or into the fast flowing river, which was just behind the tavern. And, it might be suspected, not necessarily on their own volition. ... tive-idea/

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