Mission Creep in Firearms Training

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Mission Creep in Firearms Training

Postby Morley » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:11 pm

For Police agencies the sudden onset of semi automatic handguns became a serious issue. A far more complicated weapon, they required more detailed training. This was further complicated by the need to retrain, in Ontario at least, more than 20,000 officers in short order. It was soon discovered that the best and easiest way to accomplish this was to borrow established training processes from the United States, which knew a thing or two about quickly training large numbers of people to use pistols.

We may have been a little hasty. The US training style did not exactly match the Canadian style nor historical experience and it appears the fundamental cultural differences were not considered. Most US officers have had basic military training, including, by necessity, how to dehumanize a target to make taking a human life more palatable. It’s designed to reduce the trauma and moral turpitude of the act and increase the moral fortitude of the officer shooting....


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