RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby Respond Wayne » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:08 am

The RCMP has identified a suspect in Saturday's shooting death of one of their officers in Hay River, N.W.T.

They're not releasing any more details about the suspect, and they've made no arrests. But they told a packed press conference on Sunday that area residents don't have anything to fear. But they did not explain their statement further when pressed by residents and media.

"The investigative team has identified a suspect and we are actively pursuing all avenues of investigation. To protect the integrity of the investigation we are unable to share further details at this time,'' he said.

"Investigators believe there is no immediate threat to the community of Hay River.''

Police told about 100 residents, reporters, and political officials gathered at the media briefing that they took down roadblocks in the area Sunday morning.

RCMP Const. Christopher John Worden was killed early Saturday morning after responding to a complaint. Police have reported that they lost contact with the officer. When two colleagues went to look for him, he was found in a wooded area suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to hospital, where he was died from his injuries.

"This news has been absolutely devestating to us," one resident told CTV News on Sunday.

"To hear this news is a really tight-knit community, especially with the RCMP officers," said Kevin Wallington.

An on-line memorial has already been set up for Worden. One friend wrote, he was "so likeable and bright. You couldn't help but like him. He and the RCMP just fit. This is a tremendous loss."

The death has turned Thanksgiving into a somber occasion in Hay River, where the small, tight-knit community is mourning Worden's.

The Mountie and his family were in the prayers of churchgoers in the town's four churches. At the Anglican Church, Pastor Vivian Smith said the community put the officer in their thoughts as soon as they heard about his murder Saturday.

"The prayers are continuing and will continue. They are sombre services,'' Smith said on Sunday.

"It is supposed to be Thanksgiving day for us but we don't feel like it is a day of Thanksgiving.''

As the town prays and police continue to hunt for suspects in the shooting death of Const. Worden, some are raising questions over rural policing procedures.

Details remain scarce surrounding the events of the shooting; however, it is known that Worden, 30, was alone when dispatched to a complaint at a Hay River, N.W.T. residence at 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

The community of 3,600 is located on the south shore of Great Slave Lake, 400 kilometres south of Yellowknife.

Analyst John Muise, a spokesperson for the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness and 30-year police veteran, told CTV Newsnet on Sunday that officers often face increased risks in remote settings.

"Very often you have officers who could be on their own patrolling but in addition, there's no backup necessarily within miles," Muise said.

"I don't know the circumstances of this particular case, but it's very typical in remote or rural settings for police officers to be attending what are often dangerous calls with backup being potentially miles away."

Muise said Worden's death will inevitably raise procedural questions for the RCMP, especially in remote areas of the country where resources are often strained.

"If it's only resources that separated this officer from having a partner than that is a fair question and is a question that will need an answer because quite frankly, I understand that policing is expensive, but to lose a life unnecessarily is unacceptable," Muise said.

On Saturday, Sgt. Larry O'Brien said officers currently had no information on the type of complaint Worden was responding to, but confirmed he responded alone.

"Depending on what the nature of the complaint was, it is quite common for members to attend on their own -- especially in the north where we have smaller detachments," he said.

Worden joined the Mounties in 2002 and had spent most of his career in the Northwest Territories.

Worden's wife, Jody, and infant daughter live in Hay River.

Residents of Hay River have been bringing flowers to the RCMP detachment since word of the officer's death.

No arrests had been made as of Saturday night.

Worden's death comes less than a week after Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day pledged legislation and funding to ensure the work of Canadian law enforcement is not undermined.

Day made the annoucement while addressing a crowd on Parliament Hill last Sunday for the 30th Police and Peace Officer's Memorial, Day -- an annual day of rememberence for fallen officers and their families.

"I give a commitment to these family members here and to all these officers here that my colleagues and I will continue to do the work ... to bring in the type of legislation that helps you to realize as officers that the work you do will not wind up in frustration ... and that you'll have the resources you need to do the job properly," Day said to the friends and family of fallen officers.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby adamtheha » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:28 am

I've read many articles about LEO's killed on duty. This one was the first one that really hit me like a ton of bricks! Maybe because he practically has the same family as me, but it's really something you have to think about if you're going to do this line of work. There is a risk (although not necessarily more than many other types of jobs), and you have to be vigilant.
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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby railcop » Mon Oct 08, 2007 10:46 am

Rest in Peace Brother Worden. You were a hero in life. Your wife and daughter are in our prayers.
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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby Respond Wayne » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:21 pm

RCMP in the Northwest Territories have issued an arrest warrant for Emrah Bulatci, wanted for the shooting death of Const. Christopher Worden over the weekend.

Police said they charged Bulatci, 23, with first-degree murder late Sunday night. No arrests have been made as of Monday morning.

Worden was shot and killed responding to a call for police assistance in Hay River, N.W.T., Saturday morning.

Bulatci may also be known as Justin Elise, and his last known addresses include several locations in Edmonton and St. Albert, Alta., police say.

The father of the accused told The Canadian Press he can't believe his son is wanted by the police.

"I don't believe it,'' Erdogan Bulatci, said Sunday. "He has a baby, why is he going to do a thing like that?

"I don't think he would do such a thing.''

Erdogan Bulatci said he hasn't seen or spoke to his son for more than a year, but believes he lives in Edmonton and had a baby three or four months ago.

"I don't talk to him for family reasons . . . it's sad but what can you do?'' he said from High Level, Alta.

Bulatci has been described as five feet tall, about 135 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

Police say Bulatci is "associated'' with a grey 2004 Ford Expedition with Alberta licence plate LEC 010.
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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby ArmedSteno » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:08 pm

RIP. Lots of respect from all of us here at Depot. Lets catch this idiot.


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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby NightHawk » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:10 pm

Looks like I need a new avatar...

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby Bigslow » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:41 pm

RIP, another good person taken from their family while doing the right things in life.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby Apollo » Mon Oct 08, 2007 6:40 pm

When I seen this on the news last night I immediately got a chill down my spine. My heart goes out to the family.

-Thank you Constable Worden.

Rest in peace.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby K_is_for_Kyle » Mon Oct 08, 2007 8:14 pm

RIP Cst. Worden. My thoughts and prayers are with your family

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby T.M.DIESEL » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:20 am

Thoughts and prayers to his family.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby rcmp123 » Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:42 pm

RIP Cst WORDEN..... And thanks to all of police officers who risk their lifes for people across the country.

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby Sierra Tango22 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:27 am

I approach the vehicle, as bluelights bounce around me,
It's not a matter of like and hate, it's the violation I saw.
As I get closer, the danger I do not see,
I'm thinking of enforcing the law.

I hear the shot, and feel the pain,
As I drop to the ground
The car speeds off driven by a man who has to be insane,
As I finally into my radio, mumble,"Officer Down!"

As I lay there, I thought of my wife,
I see the dreams we had made.
I ask the Lord to please spare my life,
Then I felt myself begin to fade.

I stopped him only for speeding,
Then I heard a sweet voice on my ear.
"Come with me son, to Heaven I am leading.
No more will you have to shed a tear."

I opened my eyes to see my Savior,
He said, "Follow me, my son.
He will pay for his behavior,
For you have performed a job well done!"

Rest in Peace
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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby veritas_aequitas » Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:58 pm

Thank you for you service Cst. Worden. Rest in Peace.

A memorial fund for his wife and child was mentioned. If anyone has details, would you please post them?

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby zabnee » Thu Oct 11, 2007 4:59 pm

Somebody killed a policeman today,
And a part of Canada died.
A piece of our country he swore to protect,
Will be buried with him, at his side.

The suspect who killed him will stand up in court,
With counsel – demanding his rights;
While a young widowed mother must work for her kids,
And endure many long lonely nights.

The beat that he walked was a battlefield too,
Just as if he had gone off to war…
Though the flag of our nation won’t fly at half-mast,
To his name they add a gold star.

Yup! Somebody killed a policeman today.
Maybe your town or mine,
While we slept in comfort, behind locked doors,
A cop put his life on the line.

Now his ghost walks the beat, on a dark city street,
And he stands at each rookie’s side.
He answered the call, of himself gave his all,
And part of Canada died.

Rev. Charles E. Massey, Aux. Inspector,
Chaplin, O.P.P.

(As found on forums.army.ca, listed under their memorial for Cst. Worden)

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Re: RCMP Constable Chris Worden.

Postby metallicat » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:19 pm

Based on the radio news, it seems RCMP and EPS have a house surrounded where this guy may be located. I hope they grab him without incident.

Edit- Not in the house. :(

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