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Postby Pete Broccolo » Thu Oct 26, 2023 1:57 pm

From the time of Dave Brown receiving his first cap gun, the Blue Line forum has faced issues of bots and other assorted idiots becoming members then spewing stupidity (before you start to type, I am NOT talking about my ramblings; consider yourself to have been "told" as well as "birded"!)

Anyways, new-bies trying to join for the past month or two has been in limbo due to the level of response that the forum system had to deploy to battle said above idjits.

Between DB and me slapping-away the above like Darmok and Jalad, and Mark Reesor riding in majestically on a unicorn, many have been vanquished, and the forum carries on.

All members should continue to report the n'er-do-wells (NOT DB - he's special!), while the thrice-of-us will do what we can been naps and caffeine breaks.
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