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Postby Pete Broccolo » Mon Jul 04, 2022 10:44 am

Just a reminder that if you see spam, report it.

It sometime takes us awhile to get around to nuking them - VanSmack has boots to shine, Dave Brown has new Nerf and water cannons to eval, Mark Reesor is working on Tron III: What?!, and I have tochair numerous League of Semi-Extraordinary "Gentlemen" round-tables in order to keep them from spilling their coffee (10 am & 3 pm M to F).

Anyways, while we do not publicly acknowledge those whose free-will choice of evil FORCED us to flog, guilotine, then acid-dissolve, them, nor their 30 sheckle-winners, I often copy-and-paste your reports below their trophy-mounts in the Admin & Mod area. Its kind of like the Wall Of Stars at CIA HQ - we honour your service, but you must forever be anonymous to the unknowing and ungrateful world.
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