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Metro State

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:02 am
by Boxer Dogs
Has anyone ever heard of “Metro State” in Florida? Apparently this guy, Jeremy Dewitte, is a convicted sex offender and runs a funeral escort company. Their vehicles have sirens and purple lights. The guy was on an episode of Dr. Phil defending himself against allegations of impersonating police. He’s been arrested many times for impersonating an officer. If you’re bored search his name on YouTube because we are not allowed to post links in the public areas, but, thank the guy that played defence for the Russians in 1972, Moderator Pete Broccolo is letting MOST of my original post stay here, and I am EXTREMELY grateful for his kindness.
Further, neither I, nor anyone who is NOT an Admin or Mod, will either remove, nor quote, hi-5, or congratulate PB for his actions.
I will NEVER do this again, upon paying the ultimate price of being punted off the forum.