Ruger Police Service Six FIVE Inch

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Ruger Police Service Six FIVE Inch

Postby pwf » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:38 pm

I have been trying to find historical information on the RCMP evaluation of the Ruger Police Service Six .38SPL, FIVE Inch barrel version.

According to information on US collector websites, apparently around about 1984 or so Ruger was contracted to make up a batch of non-catalogued 5" Police Service Six in .38SPL (SDA-85H) for the RCMP, who were then looking at alternatives to replace their aging Smith & Wesson Model 10s. The Rugers were a non-standard item (the Police Service Six came with a 4" or 6" barrel). From what I gather some 150 of these were made up, of which 135 were said to be delivered to the RCMP for evaluation, and a production over-run of 15 revolvers released to the US market.

I was hoping that someone frequenting this website may have some first-hand knowledge of these guns, specifically as to whether in fact the above is correct, and if so, what did the RCMP do with these revolvers afterwards.

Is there anyone on this forum who by chance has any involvement with or knowledge of these 5" Police Service Sixes ?

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Re: Ruger Police Service Six FIVE Inch

Postby VanSmack » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:28 pm

Just putting it out there that this took place 33 years ago, and typically the Force doesn't assign junior ranks to R&D type evaluation of equipment, especially something as high profile and high value as a firearms replacement. So with all that in mind, you'd probably be expecting that someone who was involved in this to have a minimum of at least 10 years service at the time, likely more than that.

The majority of participants in the public forum are police applicants, with a decent percentage of active serving members. As far as I am aware the only retired RCMP member on here with any regularity is Pete, and even he doesn't have that much service.

With all that said, your chances of finding anyone here with any first hand insight is going to be pretty slim. I'd suggest contacting some of the RCMP veteran associations, specifically in the Ottawa and Regina areas, as those are the most probable location these firearms would have been tested.
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