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Re: AR15 petition

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:59 am
by Z42A
ryan.p wrote:
Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:26 pm
I'd like to see a petition regarding the allowance of pistols to be discharged at places other than approved ranges. What a silly system that you can go out and discharge high powered and semi-automatic rifles on private property but a 9mm pistol can only be discharged at an approved range.
I have a question about this. Somebody mentioned it in an online discussion elsewhere, and I've done some searching and cannot actually find the section of law that limits the use of restricted firearms to approved ranges.
I contacted my CFO, and he referred me to the firearms act where is talks about transporting, but nothing about discharging the firearm. He said for anything further to contact the firearms centre in Miramichi. So, I contacted the RCMP firearms program, and they also were unable to quote which actual law limits the discharging of a restricted firearm to the range.
This all came about from a conversation about whether it was legal to plink gophers with your pistol on your own property, and so far I can't find the actual law regarding this. Anyone who can direct me to the CCC or wherever that addresses this, it would be appreciated.

On another note, different but similar... where is the law that says you must be a member of a range to register your restricted firearms (Ontario excepted)? I know the mounties won't complete the process unless you can show proof of membership, but what section of law backs that up? Is it just a departmental policy, or is there a legal justification to support it? Again, I can't find this mentioned in the actual Act, only on the firearms program web page FAQs.

Re: AR15 petition

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:57 pm
by Bitterman
Z42A wrote:
Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:59 am
where is the law that says you must be a member of a range to register your restricted firearms

There isn't one.

Some CFO's feel it's their job to stonewall firearms owners and make up policies.
I suppose a requirement such as this stems from the unfortunate fact that according to the law, yes... Restricted firearms can only be discharged on/at an "approved" range, therefore in order to be able to discharge your restricted firearm you need access to an approved range/club. An additional assumption being that you'd need to be a member of a club to have access.
You don't.

It's been my experience that if you call them on their BS they back down and "make an exception" to their policy.

The FA does give CFO's broad leeway to interpret the act and come up with "reasonable" policies, but... Insisting individuals prove they have access/membership to an approved range is BS.

Re: AR15 petition

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:54 pm
by Z42A
That's what I thought, as I can find nothing in legislation saying you must be a member somewhere.
Now for part two of my question....
Where in law does it stipulate that you may only discharge a restricted firearm at a range? I contacted both the CFO and RCMP, and the laws they directed me to addressed transportation, but not firing.
This mostly stems from a conversation with some friends who maintain the position that there is no law against firing their restricted firearms on their own private property (ie plinking gophers with a .22lr pistol, for example).

Anyone know which law addresses firing of restricted firearms outside of an approved range?

People comment "if you paid attention on your firearms course you'd know this" but can never supply the information themselves (I challenged the tests when it was the FAC, and have never allowed the license to expire, so No, I never actually took the PAL/RPAL course)