NEA15 or M&P15 ?

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Re: NEA15 or M&P15 ?

Postby Tacticalteacher » Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:58 pm

I run my AR's hard with my clients and I'm glad to put them through the test. I use all kinds of good as well as inexpensive ammo. Often I am deliberately ignorant of my AR's and clean them only after 500 or so rounds. Sometimes I will clean only once a year just for poops and giggles.

I agree with lots and lots of the advice here on the thread and all of them have good points. I particularly like building my own franken AR's since I have the control over it. My last build started out as an Armalite lower and then CMMG with RRA upper and S&J barrel with NEA quad rail.
My current CQB competitor and teaching AR is an LE 6920 that's sporting an NEA 14.5" barrel ( I will torture it).

All good learning and all good fun! Now get out and shoot your local matches!

Cheers, :pistols:

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