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Re: From the Book of Dave Brown

Postby FedCO » Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:01 pm

Striker wrote:Yes...right handed, left eye dominant. I shot right handed for most of my life. Then I started competing in service rifle and during the "agony snap" right eye would start watering and my left would start vibrating for lack of a better word. lol
So..I switched to shooting left handed with both eyes open.
I practice shooting left and right handed now.

I'm cross eye dominant but I could never switch to shoot left hand. It

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Re: From the Book of Dave Brown

Postby Dave Brown » Tue Mar 01, 2016 1:59 am

It takes work, but one can "condition" the non-dominat eye to do the aiming for you.

Switching hands is not an alternative for most people.

When doing rifle or shotgun training, have the instructor line up the front sight (of an empty firearm) with your dominant eyeball. They then apply a small patch of translucent tape or even a small round target paster right where the sight appears center in the eyeball on top of the safety glasses. It will take several sessions and some extra work, but you can condition the non-dominant eye to do all the aiming. One can even walk around all day long with the patch in place, and not even notice it is there. All that happens is two images of the front sight disappear when you tuck your head down to aim. Keep both eyes open while shooting, and learn to "squint" the dominant eye slightly.


After a few sessions, you can lose the small patch over the eyeball. (Unless you like the mini-pirate look.)

The only downside is that one will never become a team sniper or winning shotgun sharpshooter because every now and then, the shot suddenly goes 6 feet to the left.

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