The box magazine-fed police shotgun for the 21st century?

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The box magazine-fed police shotgun for the 21st century?

Postby Dave Brown » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:44 am

Is there still room for a shotgun in the front seat of patrol cars in North America? This guy seems to think so.

I will be very honest. When I first saw pump shotguns with a box magazine hanging from the bottom come trickling in from overseas manufacturers, I thought the whole idea was ridiculous. Why bother? It just added to the bulk, with no discernible advantages, other than to a small but passionate cadre of three-gun competitors who were willing to sign on to a hundred online forums to share ideas on how to tinker with them in your basement to get them to run right. Even then, they were bulky, heavy, overly-complicated and had far too many moving parts. Most of them are also just plain fugly. Popular with the mall ninjas, I certainly would not recommend any of these kludgy offshore-made shotguns to professionals who carry a shotgun to save lives.

Then, two major North American manufacturers stepped up to the plate. Mossberg first came out with a box magazine version of their 590 pump shotgun, and Remington followed it with their newest model 870DM (for detachable magazine.) I was not the first person to dismiss the concept. "A hammer looking for a nail," I snorted.

Then I shot one.

"Oh boy," I thought. "There are a LOT of people who are going to hate this shotgun."

Let's see. Accessory manufacturers who sell a million products for attaching spare shotgun shells on a shotgun or on your person, none of which ever worked 100% reliably, and many of which would allow the three-gun competitors to trace their stage from the shotgun finish line all the way back to the start line by the trail of live shotgun shells that had fallen out of their various gadget holders during intense shooting.

Chris Costa fan-boy shotgun instructors who have a vested interest in making the shotgun seem as complicated as possible so they could sell expensive three-day shotgun courses to naive enthusiasts who will spend hundreds of dollars and two of the three days learning how to reload the tube-fed shotgun with their right hand, left hand, under the receiver, over the receiver and standing on their head in a rice paddy.

Chris Costa.

The millions of shooters out there who don't need or want the extra bulk or capacity of the box magazine hanging below a shotgun.

So ... who are going to LOVE the latest Remington 870 DM shotgun?

Professionals who carry a shotgun to save lives.

Police officers who already have one box magazine-fed firearm in the front seat and might as well have another.

Police trainers who can now replace two days of shotgun training on speed reloads by five seconds of "Pull this one out. Drop it on the ground. Insert this one."

Shooters who may need to carry alternate ammunition; slugs for bear protection one moment, bear bangers the next, and sometimes even buckshot for smaller wild animals.

Law enforcement agencies looking to repurpose shotguns for less-than-lethal ammunition.

Professional trainers such as myself who have tried every combination of magazine spring, follower, extension tube and accessory part on the market and have NEVER found a combination that promises 100% reliability when your targets start shooting back.

Shotgun shooters who love the elegance of slipping two spare magazines into the back pockets of their blue jeans instead of having to buy bulky shell holder accessories that get in the way, don't work, fall off at the most inopportune time, add weight and end up making the shooter look like some fake ex-Navy Seal "contractor."

A box magazine pump shotgun is not for everyone. Read the article and decide for yourselves. If you have ever used the word "contractor" to describe yourself, stick to the goofy shit hanging all over your shotgun like some tactical Christmas tree.

But if you understand the advantages of shotguns for certain uses; carry a shotgun for a living to save lives, and understand that a shotgun may be a hammer looking for a nail but when it hits that nail - the nail stays hit ... you are going to love this shotgun. ... -mark-6265

Trust me on this one. If you think a shotgun is a weapon, the new Remington 870DM is not for you. If you understand that the shotgun is only a tool and the mind is the weapon, you are going to love the idea.

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Re: The box magazine-fed police shotgun for the 21st century?

Postby ReneeFrancoeur » Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:19 pm


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