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Re: Dash cams

Postby Loadie » Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:18 pm

Hey all,

I'm now in the market to replace an old EBay/POS Chinese camera.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Wife just got a new vehicle and we want to replace her old camera. I want one for my truck as well.

Thanks as usual.

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Re: Dash cams

Postby ryan.p » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:56 pm

My DOD is still going strong. Very reliable.
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Re: Dash cams

Postby Stinger » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:53 pm

DOD all the way.

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Re: Dash cams

Postby Canakar » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:48 pm

Anyone made a genuine list of dash cams that are between two and $500?
Post your suggestions please!
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Re: Dash cams

Postby Madeline236 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:26 am

They don't make my exact model anymore but the link below is for the newest generation of it. About what I paid but now with rear camera as well. Its ok, night quality is not so great, has some silly extra features like an alarm that goes off after driving a long time at night to assure your are awake but its so quiet it would never wake you up. Have to buy a larger card for a longer recording loop cycle.

That said for the price its already paid itself off by helping me avoid an at fault claim by a lying POS driver. Guy claimed he rear ended me because I was reversing at a red light and backed into him...seriously. I laughed my ass off and Gave insurance the video and poof, 100% his fault right on video. Felt like delivering it to the guy personally and telling him to suck it. Either way, no lost merits or extra cost or risk of being at the mercy of a poorly trained assessor. Cost of paying for an at fault would have been more than the cost of the camera.

Id like to get one with GPS next time for a bit more money.

https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/pa ... 32331.aspx?

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Re: Dash cams

Postby Hattie » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:13 am

When looking for a dashcam you have to consider Alberta's weather. Unless you plan to store the dashcam indoors when not in use, you definitely want one that runs on a super capacitor and not a battery. You also have to consider what features you want to have (front/rear camera, gps, parking mode, collision sensor, night vision, etc...).

Currently, I run with a Thinkware FA200 with rear camera, gps, and hardwiring kit. I've noticed, however, it seems temperamental regarding temperature for the front camera. Otherwise, I love it. It has the ability to connect to my phone using wifi for quick downloading of video clips and captures pretty good detail. So far I've just used it for documenting other drivers' stupidity but dashcams have saved my bacon in the past!

Prior to the Thinkware, I bought a Magellan MiVue 340 on sale at Canadian Tire for $99(Regularly $200). Never had an issue with it other than the collision recordings are short so I recommend pulling the memory card post collision to avoid overwriting the full video (if your vehicle is drive-able and you have a distance to get home). I have it set up in my wife's vehicle now after she saw how valuable it was for my last collision. Lady pulled out from a side street into the wrong lane in front of me which caused me to rear end her. Naturally she claimed she went into the proper lane but the camera was instrumental in showing what truly happened. My vehicle was older and so I didn't have collision coverage for my vehicle in the event a collision is deemed my fault so without that video, I would have had higher premiums and no vehicle since my truck was totaled. So $100 saved me $6,000+

The MiVue comes with GPS for speed and location purposes though it does have a lithium ion battery instead of a capacitor. This may limit the overall life of the dashcam but I can say I had zero issues with it compared to some cheaper brands I have had in the past. The Thinkware has a capacitor and looking at its operating temperature range, I suspect the camera/capacitor has been protecting itself from the winter cold. A simple restart once the vehicle is warmed up tends to solve it for me.

Both are 1080P high definition. The Thinkware + rear cam + GPS add-on + Hardwiring Kit ran me about $300 from blackbox my car Canada. They have lots of options on their website and have done quite a few reviews and comparisons. It also seems like consumers have also reviewed many of the cameras on there as well so you can research for yourself what may be a good purchase. I had a good experience with them but by no means am I loyal to them. You can use it as a resource to find what camera you want and then search around for who sells it cheapest. I just like that they had all of the accessories but Thinkware accessories aren't hard to come by.

I'd avoid anything by Reload (Found at Canadian Tire) as the software is basically the same as any of the cheap non-brand dashcams and it has not so great reviews.

I think everyone should invest at least $100 to protect yourself because people will lie on collision reports and witnesses rarely stick around unless it is a major collision. I've gotten pretty decent at predicting stupid drivers but I've had a couple in the past few years that caught me by surprise and resulted in a collision I couldn't avoid(rear ended twice at red lights, and a couple fail to yields).

I've heard good things about Papago, Magellan, Thinkware, and BlackVue. Prices range from $100-1,000 so it depends on your budget.
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