Vacation NIGHTMARE: 2 LEO's Trapped in Cuba 6months+

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Vacation NIGHTMARE: 2 LEO's Trapped in Cuba 6months+

Postby Darkhare » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:04 am

I've known both men personally, Jordan I mentored in his previous career and has always cared about doing the right thing and being an officer citizens are proud of. I've been in constant contact with them since this ordeal began and the story I got from them matches Leo's events word for word.


As of March 2018, two Canadian men have been detained in Cuba on a false allegation. The severity of their legal situation is increasing day by day and there is a concern for their well-being.We are currently looking into to finding a solution to this troubling and unjust situation within the Cuban legal system against these two Canadians. It came to light that Mark and Jordan are one of many Canadians being detained in Cuba, with no time limit, in what is considered arbitrary detainment. The Cuban government has done so without reasonable and undeniable merit.

Mark Simms and Jordan Long have spent their time protecting the streets of their own cities; with a challenging but rewarding career in law enforcement. These two men have exhibited nothing but law-abiding behavior and have ensured they maintained the highest levels of integrity, respect, accountability, compassion, and lastly, excellence in their careers and their personal lives.

If one were to take a deeper look into the Cuban legal system, it would be clear that Cubans do not have the same fair and just protocol that Canadians citizens, currently in Canada, are so fortunate to have. We are able to exercise our rights freely, and if we are unaware of our rights, we are informed of them. In Cuba, a person is denied what we consider are basic human rights and decency. Unfortunately, there is no issue within the Cuban government to deny basic human rights, especially to those whom they have no real basis, evidence, or attestation for doing so. The conditions in which people live in Cuba are known to be unsafe and dangerous; malnourishment and sickness are other relatively small prices to pay while being detained for a crime Mark Simms and Jordan Long did not commit.

The time Mark Simms and Jordan Long have spent in Cuba is 6 months thus far. They are still at risk of being wrongfully charged, convicted and placed in a Cuban prison where they are even more at risk to be harmed due to their country of origin, race, gender, and profession. There has been a lack of evidence to support the current accusation. In fact, the accuser is back at home in Ontario with no more acknowledgement of their previous baseless statements. No one has been contacted or interviewed in regard to what occurred in March 2018. Regardless of this fact, the Cuban legal system may be willing to imprison two innocent Canadians on a statement that was plotted or possibly coached out of the accuser and has not been discussed since.

Men once protecting the streets in order to make it a safer place now need your help and protection. They desperately need your help so that they can arrive back home where their friends, family and colleagues wait for their safe return.

Please help spread the word and help contribute to real justice - bringing Mark and Jordan home. Any help is truly appreciated!!

Links for background information:

Blog Post: ... ving-hell/ ... y-support/

Radio Broadcast: start at 16 minute mark: ... r-8th-2018

If this story touches you, I have provided a link to donations for this cause. It goes towards financial help as they are no longer being paid in absence of work and need the aid to help pay for legal protection.


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Re: Vacation NIGHTMARE: 2 LEO's Trapped in Cuba 6months+

Postby IndictableChaser » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:26 pm

They were found not guilty in Cuba
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