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Lincoln Alexander

Postby Dave Jenkins » Sun Oct 21, 2012 3:32 pm

Although the Hon. Lincoln Alexander was never in law enforcement per se, he was the Honorary Chief and a number of Police Services and former Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. Over the years I had the pleasure of crossing paths with him a number of times. He was always such a gentleman with a huge presence. Despite the positions he held, he was forever, a normal guy.

On one of his official visits to McMaster as the Lieutenant-Governor he step out of the procession when he spotted a particular older member of Mac's specials and shook hands and greeted him by name. Much to the shock of university brass.

Intelligence, humour, compassion and all other good qualities were packed into him. Back in 2003 my squad from Mac was presented an award at the HPS annual awards night and "Linc" was there as the Honorary Chief of Police. The part that made it special was that he actually knew why we were there (he knew the story) and who and what we were. It was so much more than simply another function to him. I frequently and fondly view a photo on my den wall where we are shaking hands. Its not special because of what he was, but how treated myself and others.

Rest in peace Linc.

........and I am not trying to be presumptuous by calling him Linc. That is what he preferred to be called by one and all. It tickled him to no end when the Lincoln Alexander Parkway started to be called by Hamiltonians - "The Linc". ... tage-at-90

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