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Postby Pete Broccolo » Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:59 pm

I got ANOTHER Private Message, unsolicited. STOP

1/ Your unsolicited PM TO me will NOT be ANSWERED by me; the Admins and other Mods may be more understanding and tolerant, but that is THEIR problem, not mine.

2/ Whether you are interested in the RCMP, OPP, SQ, another PS (autonomous Municipal / Regional / FN), or other LE Agency (CBSA, or Federal Corrections, or Provincial Conservation / Traffic Enforcement / Corrections / Revenue, or Municipal By-Law), SEARCH the topics in THIS area FIRST to see if there is a thread for the SPECIFIC Agency(ies) you are interested in.
IF so, SEARCH that thread FIRST, as the wheel was invented A LONG TIME AGO, and whether black-wall, white-wall, raised-letter, filled-raised-letter, or run-flat, your issue was PROBABLY discussed to death already.

3/ If you have a post deleted, or moved, or your PM posted to a thread, suck it up and be thankful you have NOT been punted.

4/ If a spammer DOES happen to get through our checks, REPORT the bugger(s), and the Admins and Mods will be SLAP-HAPPY to nuke them back into their hidey-holes. You have NO idea of the de-contamination that still goes on while you are unaware...kind-of like the preventive-patrolling you HOPE to be able to perform for the betterment of your community, someday, unless you stick with whatever real jobs you currently perform.

Do NOT quote, hi-5, praise, or thank me, UNLESS you are an Admin or Mod, otherwise your post will be nuked.
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