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Tsuut'ina Nation PS Recruiting

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:49 am
by Pete Broccolo
Forum member Cst Big Smoke is Constable Willy BIG SMOKE of TNPS. He was recently assigned as TNPS' newly-created position of Recruiter. I heard he wanted some assistance in setting himself up on Blue Line forum, so I reached out to him.

This thread is specifically for those you who are not currently Law Enforcement Officers or Police Officers - in other words, you currently hold real jobs. If your are an LEO or PO, then look for a thread in both the LEO and PO secure side, as Willy has been granted access to both areas so he can freely discuss your concerns there.

From this point on, Willy will be running this thread, but I, VanSmack, Dave Brown, opp2, and the dreaded Mark Reesor are prepared to back him up and use the ban hammer, so do not be stupid.

Willy, when you are ready, please introduce yourself.