Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

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Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

Postby Polcan » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:02 pm

So I'm interested in applying to Peel Regional Police. Today I visited their website and noticed you can apply either for cadet or constable. What's the difference? My understanding is, you apply as a cadet, pass your courses there, train with officer for some time and then become a police officer - constable, in other words.
Could someone please explain the difference to me?
What should I apply for? Here's little background:
I'm 24, newcomer (well, came here in 2004 :D ) so I have an extra language (Polish), I started university 2 years ago but I'm not feeling like it's leading me anywhere (not seeing too many job opportunities, and not really interested in what I'm studying). I've been thinking of joining police since I came to Canada :) . So, I've got two extra questions here:
-what are my chances (I'm above average with physical fitness and I'm doing ok at school so I think I should be able to pass the tests...)
-is it possible that I finish my university after I get the job as police officer? I don't want to really waste the two years I already completed and thought of finishing it part-time while already gaining experience as a police officer. I ask this because I know that it's a shift job - would they allow me to be off all mornings/evenings for 4 months each semester?

Thanks for responses!
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Re: Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

Postby CourtOfficer » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:20 pm

The Cadet position in Municipal services is usually reserved for the younger applicant and will, if all things go well, flourish into a Constable's position. The Cadet would do front desk duties, summons service, court security, etc... Many of the peripheral Police duties. I would apply for both vacancies if I were you. Let them decide if you need some time as a Cadet.

As for university, you most certainly can finish your degree after hire. In fact, most services will pay your tuition or at least the bulk of it. Good luck.

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Re: Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

Postby goaliegibson » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:31 pm

just make sure you can apply for both. I'm not certain about Peel, but I know in Halton you could only apply for Cadet or Constable (they only have one intake a year though).
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Re: Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

Postby LP21 » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:55 am

Peel will not allow you to apply to both cadet and constable at the same time. It also has a maximum age limit of 22. I was in the Cadet process 2 years ago and a recruiting sarge told me "The Cadet program is for the younger guys" and that since I was 21 with a good application package I should let him switch me to the Constable application. I let him, and then they denied me based on the fact that I wasn't competitive enough... (Ya, makes no sense to me too). Now im too old to apply for Cadet, if I didn't listen to him I might have been a constable by now... I know OPP's cadet program doesn't have an age limit but that's been x'd and I'm not sure about London's.
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Re: Peel Police: Cadets and Constables

Postby Polcan » Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:11 pm

Thanks for the answers! All of them helpful.
Ok, so being over 22 I won't even consider cadet application and will apply for constable. Too bad I can't apply for both - would have more chance to get in :)
Also, thanks for the info about continuing education opportunities - that option would be perfect for me.
Now, the only thing left is applying and getting accepted - just a formality ;)
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