McMaster University P/T Special Constable

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Re: McMaster University P/T Special Constable

Postby Dave Jenkins » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:01 pm

devilwoman wrote:
As was said I have never Special bashed and I have no doubt you do a fine job, but the fact remains that his profile reflects poorly on him and, by extension that it is posted on an official site, the organization.

I know you haven't. It wasn't meant as a "joke", more so he was, from my understanding, not wanting to put anything personal in it. I can maybe, gently, suggest that it be rewritten (I'll try to figure out a way to say it that won't sound like I'm bashing the guy). Beyond that, not much I can do. The only point I can emphasize is this....its not him making himself out to be some hero.

This has been a topic discussed before. That individual would be the last to ever portray himself as a "hero". Members were asked (nice way of saying - were told) to write a bio of a sort for the site. He is a very private person and would have been very content at not having anything there at all. Those that don't know him will simply have to trust us on this.
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Re: McMaster University P/T Special Constable

Postby OCCOP » Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:17 am

red_coat wrote:
Dave Jenkins wrote:Not to try an create an elution here but in McMaster's case it was HPS that pushed for OC spray for the university specials and it was HPS that implemented the inclusion of firearms training (i.e. what the PC's get) into the university's use of force training. Their (open) reason regarding that training was for active shooter situations should one occur and an HPS member become incapacitated in the company of a McMaster member. In a number of situations (i.e. meetings, training...) HPS members, many of rank, comments on how they held the opinion that the McMaster special constables should be armed.

If you were armed, what would be the difference between you and a police officer then? Do you think they are implying that you should be real cops, and not specials? I'm not trying to start a war, I'm actually curious.

Limited Jurisdiction, less investigative responsibilities (no real need for detectives..police would be responsible for major investigations outside of GLE stuff), specialized environment (skills/duties focused directly on requirements of the environment), security/protection duties which differ from police core duties...

Specials would provide nothing but Front-Line GLE/Patrol duties. Everything else would be the regular Police.
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