RCMP Vision Test - If Fail

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RCMP Vision Test - If Fail

Postby VIJ1989 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:06 pm


I am currently doing the selection pacakge. So far everything is good except my vision. Corrected (with glasses) my vision is 20/20 but uncorrected it's 20/400, everything else on the vision test I passed and I'm not worried about the background check and polygraph as I'm confident that I'll pass that.

Am I automatically disqualified and unable to move towards training (DEPOT or will I be given an option where I can do laser surgery before moving on to DEPOT and do another test through the RCMP and have my vision rechecked? My package is due by the 7th and I currently have a consultation booked for laser as well. I'm really worried that this would affect my application process and will be unable to get into the RCMP and would have to wait another 12 months and go through the whole process again. The only reason I waited to get it is because of money and I couldn't afford to begin with, and I was told that once I'm part of the force I could correct my vision and that it would be covered by benefits.

Cansomeone suggest what the best option for me is at this point.

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Re: RCMP Vision Test - If Fail

Postby VanSmack » Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:09 pm

Asking the question twice in two different threads isn't going to get you more responses. You will get the answer you're looking for in the other thread, or the better way to go about getting these questions answered would be to call your local recruiting office directly and asking them.

I don't understand why everyone wants to call their recruiters so much asking them where their file is and why there hasn't been faster movement, but they can't call them to actually ask them a real question that would have a real answer. That's their job.
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