Brown Report

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Brown Report

Postby NorthernProtector » Sat Dec 15, 2007 12:07 am

Here are the recommendations made by the Brown Report released today...

Recommendation 1 – Conversion of the RCMP to a Separate Entity

The RCMP should become a separate entity with separate employer status and should be
granted full authority to manage its financial affairs within spending authorities approved by

Recommendation 2 – Board of Management

Legislation should be enacted by the Parliament of Canada as soon as possible to establish a
Board of Management of the RCMP responsible for the stewardship of its organization and
administration including the oversight of the management of its financial affairs, resources,
services, property, personnel and procurement.

Recommendation 3 – Creation of an Independent Commission for Complaints and Oversight
of the RCMP

Legislation should be enacted by the Parliament of Canada as soon as possible to establish an
Independent Commission for Complaints and Oversight of the RCMP having the attributes
outlined in Chapter 2; the ICCOR should be established and commence operation as quickly as
possible following legislative enactment.

Recommendation 4 – Capacity to Meet commitments

The organizational needs of the RCMP must be assessed against its current and future
commitments. The RCMP must have the financial resources to satisfy all of its current contract
and federal policing responsibilities and the ability to commit resources to satisfy those
responsibilities within a reasonable planning horizon.

Recommendation 5 – Northern Allowances

In respect of northern and isolated postings, we urge the Force to work with the Treasury Board
to make sure that treatment of members who are prepared to serve in these areas is fair and

Recommendation 6 – Commitments to New Services

The RCMP should implement measures to ensure that no commitment to deliver a new service or
modify an existing service is made without assurance that the necessary human resources and
equipment can be deployed without compromising the ability of the Force to fulfill its existing
responsibilities. Alternatively, the existing priorities must be reordered accordingly.

Recommendation 7 – Efficiency Study

The RCMP should immediately launch an efficiency study to determine whether trained
employees are performing functions that are best performed by employees with specific skills,
with a view to ensuring that employees are using their training and experience in the most
efficient manner.

Recommendation 8 – Administrative Support

The RCMP should immediately make available administrative resources to enable members to
devote more time to core policing.

Recommendation 9 – Fair Compensation for Hours Worked

Members and employees of the RCMP must be compensated for any time worked outside of or in
addition to established hours on duty.

Recommendation 10 – Field Coaching

The importance of the field coaching policy must be reinforced and complied with without

Recommendation 11 – Backup Policy

We support the RCMP’s recent announcement in respect of its backup policy and we would
encourage the Force to complete the implementation as soon as possible.

Recommendation 12 – Health and Wellness

The RCMP should ensure that member and employee health and wellness be an essential
consideration in policy and operational decisions at all levels.

Recommendation 13 – Disability

The RCMP must move quickly in every instance where a member or employee has become
injured on duty or disabled and thereby unable to return to full duty. In these circumstances,
every effort must be made to facilitate a return to duty as early as possible, and in the interim, to
provide adequate financial and other support. Where a return to duty is not possible, every effort
must be made to assist the member or employee to re-enter the workforce either within the
RCMP or elsewhere.

Recommendation 14 – Ethics in Practice

Senior management of the RCMP must ensure that ethics principles underpin all management
and administrative functions and are an integral part of all policing activities.

Recommendation 15 – Ethics Education

The methodology applied to ethics training provided to recruits at the Depot should be extended
throughout the organization and should be continually reinforced and refreshed.

Recommendation 16 – Immediate Amendments to Disciplinary System

The RCMP should implement immediately the recommendations of the Lordon Report (with
whatever amendments management feels are appropriate) that would result in making the
processes less adversarial and more timely.

Recommendation 17 – Centralized Disciplinary Authority

The RCMP should establish immediately a centralized disciplinary authority to ensure
integration, planning, monitoring and accountability.

Recommendation 18 – Eliminate Backlogs

The RCMP should eliminate the serious backlogs existing currently in the disciplinary system.
Recommendation 19 – Expeditious and Informal Resolution
The RCMP should commit at the highest level of management, the discipline principles that
require expeditious and informal resolution at the lowest possible level.

Recommendation 20 – One Year Time Limit

The RCMP should establish reasonable time frames for the commencement and completion of
investigations that reflect the relative complexity of the matters at issue. Only in rare
circumstances should these time frames exceed six months. The Task Force does not recommend
that any changes be made to the existing one year time limit subject to the ability of the RCMP to
apply to the ICCOR for an extension in order to facilitate a contemporaneous criminal

Recommendation 21 – Internal Processes

When amendments are made to the RCMP Act to create the ICCOR, consequential amendments
should be made to streamline the grievance and discipline process.

Recommendation 22 – Workplace Disclosure

The RCMP should embrace the spirit and intent of the PSDPA, enforcing it throughout the
organization, harmonized and properly resourced to be effective for the RCMP. Once
established, the Board of Management should monitor the effectiveness of those processes and
remediate as necessary to meet the objectives of the statute.

Recommendation 23 – SRR Role

The SRRs should focus entirely on labour relations and thus be independent from management.
They should not sit as observers at the SEC. Members should serve for no more than two terms
as SRRs, after which time they should return to regular duty.

Recommendation 24 – NCOs

Operational NCOs must be given a formalized opportunity to participate in the leadership and
management of the RCMP through contributions to policies affecting the delivery of police

Recommendation 25 – RM Categorization

The RCMP should move from study to action in the streamlining of the civilian function at the
RCMP. Only those positions which have a clearly demonstrated need for peace officer status,
peace officer training and peace officer experience should be classified as RM positions. All
remaining positions should be classified for and filled by a person without the background of a
peace officer.

Recommendation 26 – Combining Civilian Categories

The RCMP should seek to determine whether there is a continuing need for two categories of
civilian employees within the RCMP.

Recommendation 27 – Temporary Civilian Employees

The RCMP should immediately take action to examine the issue of those who appear to be
caught permanently in the TCE category and continue to work in the RCMP without any of the
protections afforded to other employees.

Recommendation 28 – CO Headquarters

We recommend the re-creation of the position of CO Headquarters.

Recommendation 29 – Recruitment

The RCMP needs to streamline its recruitment process and be more responsive and transparent
with those who show an interest in joining the Force as a recruit.

Recommendation 30 – Paying Cadets

To remain competitive, the RCMP should pay its cadets during their six month training at the
Depot at a level that is competitive with other policing organizations.

Recommendation 31 – Education Prerequisite

The RCMP needs to demonstrate greater openness and willingness to accept lateral entry into
the Force in order to provide needed specialized skill sets and experience. In the longer term,
the Task Force believes that the RCMP should also make a post-secondary degree a condition
for all new recruits

Recommendation 32 – Education and Training

The RCMP must recommit to education and training that will equip its officers for senior
responsibilities. Leadership training should be a continuum throughout the member’s career.
The RCMP should identify deserving members with potential for further education and support
them in seeking post-secondary education.

Recommendation 33 – Research

The RCMP must rebuild its research capability in order to provide members of the Force with an
opportunity to explore developments in law enforcement outside of the RCMP and stay abreast
of modern policing methods.

Recommendation 34 – Leadership Competency

The RCMP should ensure that specific and detailed competency profiles are in place for all
senior leadership positions and are current and reflect modern policing responsibilities.

Recommendation 35 – Performance Evaluations

Effective immediately, all members and employees of the RCMP must receive annual
performance evaluations. These should include not only what was achieved, but how it was
accomplished. The results of the performance evaluations should be used to identify
opportunities for additional education and training, to identify future leaders and make
promotion decisions.

Recommendation 36 – Accountability for Completing Performance Evaluations

All members with managerial responsibility should be assessed on their completion of
performance evaluations for all members under their command.

Recommendation 37 – Fixing the Promotion System

As an urgent priority, the RCMP must replace its existing promotion system with one that is
based on performance, knowledge, skill, ability and the potential to assume future
responsibilities. The criteria for promotion must be clearly explained and transparently applied.

Recommendation 38 – Pass/Fail Exams

Exams should be administered on a pass/fail basis, with decisions relating to promotion
formulated on a broader range of accomplishments and capabilities.

Recommendation 39 – Public Affairs Plan

The RCMP should review and further develop its public affairs function, implementing a public
affairs plan that contains a comprehensive internal and external communications strategy that
keeps stakeholders appropriately informed. It should also include a crisis management strategy
that will permit quick and accurate responses to the media and Canadians.

Recommendation 40 – Responsibility for Internal Communication

The Force should ensure that, throughout the chain of command, internal communication is a
fundamental responsibility for every person in a leadership position.

Recommendation 41 – Delegation of Decision Making with Respect to Contract Policing

The RCMP should examine and review its approval authorities to ensure that those closest to
operational police activity have the requisite authority to make decisions in a timely manner.

Recommendation 42 – Contract Partner Participation

Headquarters should give greater weight to the views and priorities of contracting authorities
and should involve them in a more meaningful way in decisions that have an impact on their

Recommendation 43 – Delegation of Decision Making with Respect to Federal Policing

The RCMP should examine and review its delegation policies to ensure that those responsible
for the RCMP’s participation in integrated task forces involving federal policing services have
the appropriate authority to commit the resources of the RCMP in a timely manner and within
carefully articulated national policies.

Recommendation 44 – Roles and Responsibilities of Headquarters

The RCMP should develop a written mandate defining the roles and responsibilities of
Headquarters and its relationship with its divisions.

Recommendation 45 – Regionalization

We recommend that the regional structure within the RCMP be evaluated by senior management
to determine whether it is the most cost effective and efficient way of managing an organization
with the diversity and complexity of the RCMP.

Recommendation 46 – Secretariat

The RCMP should establish a permanent secretariat to provide greater support to the SEC.

Recommendation 47 – Implementation Council

The government should immediately appoint the Implementation Council having the
composition, mandate and other attributes set out in Chapter 5.

Recommendation 48 – RCMP Change Management Team

The RCMP should form an internal change management team comprised of members and
employees to be engaged full time in planning, coordinating and implementing the changes
recommended in this Report. Although leadership will necessarily be provided by senior
management, continuous engagement of members and employees at all levels will be essential.

Recommendation 49 – Interim Funding

Sufficient resources must be dedicated to the implementation of these recommendations so that
no additional burden is placed on an already overburdened workplace of the RCMP.
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Re: Brown Report

Postby T.M.DIESEL » Sat Dec 15, 2007 7:08 am

Interesting report. Not sure what the perceive problems are now but looks like as an organization they are trying to be competitive in todays market. You will see most Governments have no choice but to try whatever possible to attract and maintian quality employees.
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Re: Brown Report

Postby T.M.DIESEL » Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:34 pm

I thought the same thing until talking with some persons very high up the food chain and they are totally expecting a new type of work environment five years from now and said anyone with any experience will be highly sought after. Now that may mean I finally get my Conservation Officer position by then, it will only be 16 or so years of trying. 88)

I think the number for the Police service in five years will be insane and the only way to attract Officers will to change the way they do things.
"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." -- Unknown

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to
take everything you have.--Thomas Jefferson

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Re: Brown Report

Postby warden602 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:17 pm

Its interesting that they recommend raising minimum education to a post secondary degree at a time when they're having difficulty meeting recruitment numbers as it is. It would seem to me making the pool that much smaller isn't going to help a lot of the OTHER problems the RCMP needs to settle.

Definitely will be interesting to see how much gets implemented and how quickly.

I'm trying to figure out if upheaval at the RCMP means a quicker or a longer turnaround for our problem to get solved....

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Re: Brown Report

Postby Delley » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:06 pm

Hmm if they end up paying their recruits, I might actually think about joining. If not, then its out of my reach til then. A good read none the less.

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Re: Brown Report

Postby SierraSeven » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:42 pm

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Steve French

Re: Brown Report

Postby Steve French » Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:55 am

I would not attend university for 4 years for the sole purpose of joining the RCMP, that's ridiculous.

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Re: Brown Report

Postby dataec » Sun Dec 23, 2007 9:34 am

Steve French wrote:I would not attend university for 4 years for the sole purpose of joining the RCMP, that's ridiculous.

....I did.

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Re: Brown Report

Postby SierraSeven » Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:50 am

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Re: Brown Report

Postby SierraSeven » Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:40 am

Thanks OPPAux, that's a good point! I've been a little worried applying with an engineering degree. The more time that passes, the more I start thinking that it will be an asset!
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Re: Brown Report

Postby Toonces » Wed Jan 23, 2008 6:16 pm

amccrae2 wrote:Here's hoping all the improvements you guys deserve are coming.
Amen to that.
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Re: Brown Report

Postby Wildbore » Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:44 pm

SierraSeven wrote:I thought it was an interesting point as well regarding the increase in education requirements considering, as warden states above, that they have a considerably difficult time attracting enough recruits as it is. Although I do believe that, coupled with paying recruits, this strategy could attract enough recruits. Other than for future promotion though, I don't really see the need for post-secondary education; other than perhaps life experience. I don't see how incredibly useful my software engineering degree will be on the line... however if I move up the ranks I could see it being useful..

If you actually read the point, it said in the LONG TERM they should increase the requirements to that of a degree.

Obviously they've taken it into consideration that current recruitment is difficult, thats why they put LONG TERM in the sentence.

I think its a great idea. We don't want to keep getting outmatched by the FBI, Secret Service, etc..., who do require degrees and other specialized skills. I also like the promotion based on knowledge and skills. Finally the people who actually are making the biggest contribution are the ones who will find themselves moving up, instead of the lazy useless people who just move up because of their "seniority".

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