Apps/plans for anaerobic and overall fitness.

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Apps/plans for anaerobic and overall fitness.

Postby JesseTDI » Fri May 04, 2018 10:10 am

Hey guys, this section seems kinda dead.

I'm looking to get back in better shape. My ideals are anaerobic fitness and overall strength. I find HIIT workouts to be the most effective. However I also find gyms very boring. What experience does everyone have with current fitness resources?

Ideally I would love an app that randomizes different workouts each day into a HIIT workout, maybe with options t to select different equipment and running or not running.

And as well, an app that can help with the best stretching to do to improve overall elasticity?

I'm asking for a lot I know lol....
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Re: Apps/plans for anaerobic and overall fitness.

Postby devilwoman » Wed May 16, 2018 3:40 pm

12 minute athlete is an App that uses mostly body weight, boxes, etc to create 10-20 HIIT workouts.

There's also Brute Strength, which focuses mostly on sandbags.

Wodwell is a Crossfit site that allows you to pick and choose equipment. Or you can cruise the many pages of Regular Fitness and many of us have posted there. There's a lot of workouts....a lot.
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Re: Apps/plans for anaerobic and overall fitness.

Postby mack_silent » Wed May 16, 2018 5:01 pm

Runtastic has a good fitness app, it can be programmed for intervals too.
Many free vids on Youtube for yoga, stretching, body weight strength exercises, HIIT, etc. Beginner to advanced.

Simple workout for wind sprints, get a few $1 mini orange cones from dolllar store.
Warmup: walk a few laps, then have a 30-45 second timer on your phone/watch.
Run as hard as you can for this amount of time, drop the cone, walk back to start line, and repeat.
If you run on a track, it makes the distance calculating easy, if not, can use Google distance.

Mix it up, do some 200m, 500m, 1000m fast shorter jogs. Throw in the occasional shuttle beep test for benchmarking. Do regular pace 2.4km, 5km, etc jogs.
This will hit your anaerobic and aerobic system, and you'll see good improvements.
Time yourself, keep a scoreboard of past runs, and try to beat your personal records.

Also - stairs and hills climbs. Try carrying light sand bags up and down stairs.
Gradually go heavier, then add in lowering/raising the bag between each flight.
Equipment free strength building = bench dips, pushups, planks, air squats, chin ups, etc. (track football end poles = chin ups, bleachers = dips)
If your legs get sore, rest up for a day or two. Try bike intervals too, hits different muscle groups than running.
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Re: Apps/plans for anaerobic and overall fitness.

Postby bigbadjoe108 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:59 pm

I found a great app called "Workit" which you can use to log whichever workouts you can imagine. The pick list of weight and cardio exercises is extensive, but it also allows you to add your own if you can figure out something that it doesn't have.

I use it for the log ( Hate taking a pen and notebook to the gym) but a buddy of mine who I showed the app to really enjoys the set workouts that come with it. There's push/pull, a couple of full body ones and even a special forces fitness one as well. You can also design your own workouts that you can monitor through the app.

Best selling feature? It's free and the ads aren't all that intrusive! :dropjaw:

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