Ankle pain while running

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Ankle pain while running

Postby Kasper » Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:01 pm

Hi everyone, was hoping to get some advice. Since becoming a correctional officer I've been running a fair bit to keep my cardio up. Problem is my ankles get really sore after a kilometer or two which limits the time I can spend on the treadmill. Are there any exercises I can do to strengthen them so this isn't an issue anymore? Thank you!
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Re: Ankle pain while running

Postby mack_silent » Wed May 16, 2018 5:12 pm

Start by researching "shin splints" and "foot strike". Figure out if the issue you're facing is either of these.

Foot strike is how your foot lands - how the ankle rolls side to side, and front to back.
If you're currently getting ankle pain, it may be because your ankle is rolling in/outwards, or because you're landing on heel.

Possible remedies for either:
-proper running shoe. (that suits your foot strike pattern)
-POSE running method (many articles about it online)
-Improvedments through training / conditioning (pain will minimize over time as muscles get used to running)
-compression gear (tights or socks, improves blood flow to area)
-proper recovery after runs (RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevate)
-proper rest - have 1-2 rest days between runs
-start slow, if your goal is 5km, increase the amount gradually. Week 1 = 2 runs of 1km, week 2 = 2 runs of 1.5km, week 3 = 3 runs of 1.5km, etc.
-foam rolling / tiger stick may help with lactate acid via massage
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