When You Are Glad To See A Cop (Trooper)

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When You Are Glad To See A Cop (Trooper)

Postby Snowman » Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:19 pm

We were returning from Fall Carlisle car show last night when the right rear tire of my buddy's Trans Am contacted a piece of debris sharp enough on the road to take out the tire in seconds. We got off to the side of the interstate, then had to cross over the entrance ramp to get completely off the hwy. We just happened to be at a section of the hwy where there were no visible mile markers, and at the exit of the I481 ramp on to I81, so not an ideal spot to have to be on the side of the hwy. Within a few minutes, a State Trooper showed up, gave us our location so we could call CAA and get the tire changed out. The space saver spare was also a bit low on air. We can't tell you how much we appreciated Trooper Flint showing up and helping out when we really needed it. A few Local patches being sent his way. Sometimes we all end up in a situation needing help, and just want to send a thankyou to all the First Responders who are out there everyday and night for us. Our situation was just a blown tire, but at 10pm at night on the side of a 3 lane interstate with other cars going by at 70 mph, plus ramp traffic, just can't say how happy we were to be lit up. Trooper D Flint, thank you so much !
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