cleaning butter off gortex

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Postby goaliegibson » Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:12 pm

Hey hey. I currently work in a jacket shop so I'm up to date with all the cleanin techniques. Basically what I suggest to most people is to use a non-detergent soap. Hard powdered detergents will tear through the outer shell of your jacket really quickly. Since it's so coarse it will tack off the Durable Water Repellancy coating, and although your jacket will still be waterproof it will get soggy. If you check a jacket store and see some "Nikwax Techwash" pick some up. Not only does it wash jackets really well but it replenishes the Water Repellency of the jacket. If it's just a little spill instead of washing the whole jacket you can just spot wash it with the Techwash. All of our jackets with Goretex in them use the Techwash, but just to be sure check with the company that makes you jackets website. It should work but I would hate to be the person that ruined your warranty or anything like that. Anyway if you take care of this jacket it should last a good 5-7 years. I've seen some still in tip top conditiong 10+ years old. Sorry I got off on a ramble. Stupid part time jobs.

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