Buying 511 Pants at reasonable price in Canada

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Re: Buying 511 Pants at reasonable price in Canada

Postby Punisher-One » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:34 pm

A.T.R. wrote:How's the pen?

Hated it. Brought it back and traded it for a pair of Taclite TDU pants for work.

As far as 5.11 pants go I own all four of the most popular styles. If anyone cares here are my thoughts on them:

Stryke - Great for everyday/hiking/range. I wear them more often than not on my days off. I've hiked, camped, shot, and just worn them around. I wear them more than jeans. They are not too tight and not too baggy, light, and the front knife pockets are great! The cargo pockets are good however IMHO are too tight to the thigh and too small for work type duties. I wouldn't wear them on-duty for this reason.

Stryke TDU - A combination of the Taclite TDU and the Styke. Sized like pants (waist/inseam in inches). I wore them at work for about a year. Again the cargo pockets are a little snug for jamming stuff in at work, and they are a little snug in the hips for the pockets to work really well. I am not using them at work much longer.

Taclite TDU - All in all the best duty pant. Plenty of room in all areas for moving around while on-duty. Cargo pockets are massive and hold what you may need at work. All pockets are easier to access than the above models because the pants are a little looser. Sizing is BDU style (small, medium, large, x-large waist and short, regular, long inseam). In typical 5.11 style the sizing is not very accurate. Despite saying that a medium is 32-34 and a large is 36-38 I couldn't squeeze myself into a Medium. I am a 34" waist. I wear Large/Long and they fit well with the "tunnel" expanding waistband. This pant is the one I would recommend for duty use.

Taclite - Odd rear pockets, smaller cargo pockets, and they are very baggy. I got rid of my only pair.

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Re: Buying 511 Pants at reasonable price in Canada

Postby A.T.R. » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:19 pm

Didn't like the pen......... Hand in your man card and take a sample of vagisil on the way out.
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