RCMP approved Leg Holsters

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RCMP approved Leg Holsters

Postby rcthorne » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:15 pm

Hey all,

Due to an ongoing back injury I'm suffering through, my Dr. recommended I look into getting my chunk off my hip, and onto my thigh. I've been searching thru Policy for approved holsters, however it only lists the usual suspects (070) for duty carry and plainclothes (0701). I've spoken to Local PDS/ERT about it, and they of course use the Sig with a Safariland tactical leg harness. For our S&W's, it seems that there aren't too many Lvl III options out there, except for the some Safariland models which are damn near impossible to find for the 5946 or the Blackhawk Serpa. Is anyone currently using something, or make a recommendation? I'm partial to the Blackhawk Serpa set up, given that it has two belt straps to further distribute the weight, but unsure if I I can use the Serpa Lvl III holster. I don't really want to throw down any cash, only to find that whichever I buy is outlawed. Any ideas?

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