Taking charge between the curbs

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Taking charge between the curbs

Postby Morley » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:33 pm

Nothing is more spectacular than a motor vehicle collision scene. Most citizens rarely see one so it’s a memorable event. If they are involved, they never forget it. A citizen seeing a well trained officer take control and work diligently to restore things to proper order is seen as nothing short of a miracle – everything from helping the injured to directing traffic is seen as wondrous.

Imagine my dismay when a story landed on my desk a while back relating how the Surrey Fire Department was tasked with the job of deciding whether to call police to motor vehicle collisions. This was in response to an under-staffed police agency answering far too many other calls. Surprised by this backward style of events I wondered what the local police are doing that is more important than motor vehicle collisions....


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