Post Secondary Edu: Regional Recruit ONT

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Post Secondary Edu: Regional Recruit ONT

Postby Giblosis » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:00 pm

I attended a regional recruitment session recently and one of the presenting officers briefly went over applicant competition in regards to post secondary education explaining the prevelance of applicants with degrees etc.

A little back groung about myself....

I went into real estate out west a few years after completing and receiving my high school diploma where I attended the Alberta real estate association to receive my residential and commercial real estate licensing. Upon moving back to Ontario when I was 30 I wrote the interprovincial challenge exam encompassing the entirety of the Ontario real estate licensing program through Ontario real estate college. I’ve been in real estate for approximately 10 years and I am 34 years of age now and I was curious whether my post secondary education would be satisfactory based on the “point” system that the officer explained would be utilized to evaluate when reviewing applications.

In addition, my resume is packed with working with the public, charity organization and participation, volunteering, competitive athletics, life time of fitness, athletic coaching. I have a constable within my family if that provides any merit and I’ve never been charged nor received a ticket of any sort including automobile within my 34 years of existence.

I apologize for the length of the post I figured I’d include points others have made within inquiries on this site to get the most thorough feedback prior to pressing the send button on ATS and applying to my regional force.

Thanks again everyone.

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