Advantage/Benefits of a patrol car

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Advantage/Benefits of a patrol car

Postby SDU_Eric » Sat Aug 19, 2006 2:40 am

Hi, after an incident tonight with a bank I suggested to my security manager that we should get a patrol car.

Our shopping mall is probably the 2nd biggest in the city. The biggest shopping mall in the city is under the same company and they managed to get 2 patrol cars through Toyota for the price of 1 by advertising the dealership on the rear window and "lease" advertisement space to stores on the hood to cover the expanse of the cars.

Just a quick outline of the property, we have 3 buildings in total. An office building, a huge long shopping mall with over 200 stores, and a bank located outside the mall, and a underground Parkade along with a huge parking lot. Currently there is only 1 officer patrols with a bicycle while another 4 are still waiting for their uniforms. Although we are expecting to get 1 more bicycle next year which will make it 2.

So after my suggestion to the manager, she told me to make a proposal on the advantages for a patrol car. I already have a few in mind and would like to hear more from you guys.

Also do you think its a good idea to ask some dealerships to give us a quote on a patrol car by offering them what the other shopping center has done? This patrol car does not need to be a police package. What I have in mind is as long as its a good size (so not a mini or echo etc. so we can acutally store some supplies in the truck like pylons, gear bag etc.) and its good on gas, and the price is low, I can't see why the mall should reject it.

Thanks for the read and hope to hear some good benefits for getting a car.
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Postby York » Sat Aug 19, 2006 4:39 am

It works on a psychological level as well as the obvious advantage of being able to boost deterrence, coverage, and response.

People engaging in prohibited activities seem to be more compliant when approached with the vehicle. I think a lot of this has to do with the approach being sudden, rather than the guard walking over and giving the person time to think up smart ass remarks to make when the guard starts dialogue.

With the vehicle we catch about 4 times more activities than without. It really makes a huge difference in coverage. In security work via the foot patrol, there is so much idle time that's going to waste. Putting a guard in a car is letting the client get full value out of the service they're paying for.
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Postby Dave Jenkins » Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:16 am

Your proposal should have a balance contained in it which compares cost of operations to the improved ability to provide a premium service to not only the mall customers but to the mall (property owner).

I would assume that your staff is first aid trained. So let’s look at medical assistances for a start as this is always a good public relations angle and a liability reducer for the mall. Having a patrol vehicle not only allows you to carry first aid packs they allow you to respond to first aid calls in a more timely fashion and I would think that many such calls happen in the parking lots. Now, in the event of a more urgent medical matter you now have the ability to meet EMS at a designated entrance (where public streets meet mall property) to the mall and escort them (guide them) to the victim.

Visibility is another key bonus to a marked patrol vehicle. Having a marked vehicle on patrol is like a rolling billboard advertising to all (good and bad) that you are there. It lends a level of comfort and security to legitimate mall users and sends a message out to criminals that you are present. Even when parked and empty the patrol vehicle implies you are around.

Akin to visibility but from a different angle is appearance. Having a marked patrol vehicle gives shoppers and store owners and perspective stores looking to move into the mall a view that the mall and thus its management is more up scale and progressive and will be looking after creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Now on the surface some might balk at the cost being included in such a proposal but you should include the total projected cost of lease/purchase and operations of said vehicle. This shows that there is nothing hidden and allows management to see up front what it will cost and then they can more easily weight their ability to justify carrying this new cost and the ability to provide a better service to all stock holders (customers, mall owner, stores).

Good luck.
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Postby veritas_aequitas » Sat Aug 19, 2006 8:19 am

Contact Yorkdale Shopping Centre Security in Tronto, Ontario. They have two Chevy Equinox. The height of an SUV allows you to be able to see over the cars in the lot. Ask any mall guard and they will tell you that their vehicles get torn up pretty quick due to stupid drivers (both in their vehicle and in other vehicles), stop/start miles only and constant sharp cornering.

Might want to get uniforms first though. Just a thought.

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