Ford Taurus Cancellation- Police Replacement?

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Ford Taurus Cancellation- Police Replacement?

Postby Thefairburn » Wed Mar 25, 2020 4:08 am

Hi all,

So I'm sure some of you have heard the news by now, that Ford is making all of it's sedans go bye-bye. This includes the Taurus- and its cloth seated, early 2000's optioned cousin, the Police Interceptor Sedan.

With that, what do you think (or know) departments that heavily use the Taurus will transition to? Obviously the RCMP would be the largest force using them, along with the MPs, and large municipal services like Toronto, all of which seem to love the sadism of stuffing fully geared Constables into the Taurus' questionably sized front cabin with the blind spots of a window-less Econoline van in droves.

So what's the next move? Will the RCMP be transitioning to an all Explorer/Tahoe/Suburban fleet, or perhaps will they give the car that pretty much all municipal departments out here in BC (atleast on Vancouver Island) have switched to, the Dodge Charger, a try? With the Caprice and Impala police packages by Chevy being done in, the Dodge will be the only real police package sedan going on the market in 2021 and beyond. And it has some pretty nice features to boot (as gimmicky as they may seem)- an integrated computer in the dash that can have your MDT loaded onto it, the officer-safety feature utilizing the park sensors and blind spot monitoring system to avoid them embarrassment of being snuck up on from behind by a citizen who wants to tell you about how his neighbor upset them in the Tim Hortons parking lot (or worse..), some nice upfitter goodies like pre-installed spotlights (no more drilling out A-pillars!) and pre-wiring for lights, among some other stuff.

Curious to hear some ideas of the (possibly sedan-less) future of police vehicles will be. Cheers!

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