Global TV show 16X9, Sat March 28

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Re: Global TV show 16X9, Sat March 28

Postby melom » Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:29 pm

Dave Brown wrote:I am not saying upper management were not at fault for commissioning a study from a documented police-hating academic who has no knowledge of firearms and obviously hasn't spent one second outside the walls of academia. I think they need to share the fault. Regardless of whether it was what they wanted or not, it was still wholly inadequate.

Did this professor not even question why the RCMP would pay him that much money if all they wanted was a draft version of a shoddy and incomplete report that was a year late? Or was he in so much of a hurry to belly up to the trough that he actually thought he deserved $92,000 of taxpayers' money for a report that would have got his first year students an F? If I were him, I would feel so guilty about turning in such bad work that I would refund the RCMP most of that money in shame.

Yes, he argues that his report was only a draft, but the reality is that he sent out a few surveys, read some websites and told the RCMP what they already knew ... and it was STILL late. This is why, in my opinion, waiting an extra year for a draft version of a report labeled by many as "faulty" and "disappointing" certainly added to the delay in the rollout.

However, these are my personal feelings and they are not shared by everyone. Obviously, 16X9 does not wholly agree with me either ... which is another reason why I think it was a very fair and balanced report.

What I find almost even more insulting than the waste of time and money is the perception from this academic that he got a "medal" for his shoddy and incomplete work.

The reality is that Rod Knecht, former Senior Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP gave him a challenge coin. This just goes to show how out-of-touch this academic was, thinking a challenge coin is the same as a "medal."

This self-aggrandizing behavior should be ESPECIALLY insulting to those many brave police officers who did risk their lives to earn medals that they can proudly wear on their chest, not a trinket coin that one buys in the RCMP gift shop.

I suspect upper management got exactly what they wanted, a pile of crap report which gave them an excuse to push the carbine program back a few more years and save a few more dollars.

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Re: Global TV show 16X9, Sat March 28

Postby OTown » Sun May 03, 2015 3:58 pm

Pretty interesting show to be honest. Its some decent investigative journalism. Goosebumps when I heard the radio calls though. Could have been any one of us.

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Re: Global TV show 16X9, Sat March 28

Postby Tango5 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:44 pm

WildBlueYonder wrote:post removed and user banned.

What do you think?
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Re: Global TV show 16X9, Sat March 28

Postby Highland2012 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:47 pm

Just watched it, almost had in me tears at times..

Thanks to all the members for all you do.
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