Homeowners crying foul over police-related property taxes

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Re: Homeowners crying foul over police-related property taxe

Postby HoboWithAShotgun » Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:01 pm

basketcase wrote:
gotchya wrote:
basketcase wrote:If you don't want to pay the police, stop expecting the police to do every thing that's not police problems. Like fixing your marriage, making your kids listen to you, telling your neighbour to cut his lawn, keep his snow on his side, park his car on the other side of the driveway, turn his music down, keep his dog from shitting on your lawn, dealing with nuisance animals, etc. There are way too many things the police shouldn't be doing bug have to because nobody else is willing. Pay for it or don't complain about it.

Perhaps this is they type of stuff that ought to be done by Community Safety Officers or Auxiliary Members.

We already have bylaw officers for all of that crap. People just don't know to call them and our (OPP)Provincial Communications Centre won't forward these calls to them because some areas have bylaw, other areas only have the OPP. It's not up to the PCC to track who does and doesn't I suppose.

Wild animal stuff... Ministry of Natural Resources should be looking after it. But doesn't. Ask MikeMcNaughton what's going on in Timmins right now with lynx being shot and the public losing their minds over it because it's the only appropriate action police have. So what do the members of the public do? They blame the police instead of blaming the government for scrapping MNR programs.

Noise complaints.....hit and miss. Police should probably keep looking after these or attend with bylaw because the parties can go either way most times.

MVC's? We need more collision reporting centres. When, and only when, we reduce the burden placed on the police to do everything, is when the public can start legitimately complaining that the police make too much money.

Of course these are the facts that will never be published in a newspaper article because they don't sell.

This, plus the AGCO is pulling out their LLA enforcement and guess whose lap it fell on? The heat of course! No funding for MHA crisis teams? Well shit lets make the cops do it.. Pretty sure I could find a few other services which have been sluffed off to the Police.

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Re: Homeowners crying foul over police-related property taxe

Postby Longarm9 » Sun Apr 13, 2014 4:16 am

A significant segment of society seems to live in a fantasy world.

Oh my goodness yes. Story of my professional life.

Ehh, people will bitch. Probably best to try not to concern ourselves with it too much. Frustrating for our PC members though.

One benefit of my job - not having to sort out people's petty, idiotic, juvenile disputes with each other.
"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing." -John Stuart Mill

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