Kelowna Auxiliaries attempt to save victims life (Edited)

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Kelowna Auxiliaries attempt to save victims life (Edited)

Postby Ktownaux » Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:01 pm

Police officers give testimony at Simpson murder trial

By Mike Simmons - Kelowna Capital News

Published: December 03, 2009 2:00 PM
Updated: December 03, 2009 3:01 PM

The second degree murder trial of West Kelowna resident Cameron Simpson continued today with the cross-examination of RCMP Cpl. Gerard Guiltenane.

Guiltenane was watch commander at the West Kelowna detachment on Nov. 3, 2007.

Guiltenane said a 911 call came in at 10:44 p.m. He noted the dispatcher was monitoring an ambulance call that appeared to be a serious stabbing.

Guiltenane said it was noted a male subject would be walking out to meet officers, and advised he would place a knife on a pickup truck there.

When he arrived on the scene at 1520 Stevens Rd., Guiltenane noted another officer had a man in custody in his car.

Guiltenane said he walked down the driveway and saw a truck with what looked like welding equipment on the back.

Guiltenane said as he walked further down the driveway, he saw a white van. He added that he saw two auxiliary constables lift a man off the ground and carry him away from the van, placing him down on his back.

Guiltenane said the constables started chest compressions and artificial respiration.

He noted that another officer was standing with a woman on the steps of the house, and she appeared to be distraught. Guiltenane said there appeared to be blood on the woman's shirt.

Guiltenane said he decided to secure the residence. He saw the front door of the house open and a light on in the front hall.

He said he inspected various rooms in the house and nobody else was inside. Guiltenane noted the first pair of paramedics arrived on the scene at 11:53 p.m.

He said he stood over the body and observed a gaping wound one inch long in the upper left quadrant of the body.

Guiltenane said a conversation occurred between one paramedic and a doctor at Kelowna General Hospital. He noted the doctor told the paramedic to cease treatment, a procedure followed when the person they are treating is no longer alive.

Guiltenane added that he was cautious in securing the house as he did not want to walk through blood and contaminate the scene.

He noted he informed the officer who had a male suspect in custody that the investigation had gone from a stabbing to a possible homicide, and to warn the suspect of that fact.

The third witness, auxiliary constable Greg Barnard, said he received the call of a stabbing and arrived on the scene, an industrial park area with a single residence.

Barnard said he saw an officer talking with a man, and heard a female voice along the driveway saying "He's dead, I think he's dead."

Barnard said he has first responder and other medical training. He noted that walking along the long driveway, he saw a woman kneeling next to a man beside a van. Barnard said the man was shirtless, wearing pajama pants and lying on his back.

He noted he donned surgical gloves and approached the victim to assist.

He pointed out the man was lying partially underneath the van, and moved him for the security of himself and others while performing first aid.

Barnard noted he required a flat surface to perform CPR on the victim.

Barnard observed an obvious entrance wound in the upper left pectoral muscle of the victim.

He said no pulse was forthcoming from the man's carotid or radial arteries, and he was not breathing.

Barnard said he was joined by another auxiliary constable and continued to do CPR. He added that the scene was considered clear after about eight minutes and paramedics from the B.C. Ambulance Service were allowed to come in.

Barnard said he assisted the first pair of paramedics until a second unit with advanced life support equipment arrived from Rutland.

He noted that once an attempt to revive the man using a defibrillator unit was unsuccessful, the paramedics called the on-call doctor at Kelowna General Hospital who made the decision to pronounce time of death.

Barnard added that due to significant blood loss, he saw no sign of life from the victim while he was present.

He noted that Guiltenane informed him the man had hepatitis C.

Both Barnard and the second auxiliary constable were examined at KGH as a precaution.

Defense lawyer Grant Gray asked Barnard how close he got to the officer who took the subject into custody.

Barnard noted he came no closer than 30 metres, and only heard the officer say, "Show me your hands."
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Re: Kelowna Auxiliaries Testify at murder trial

Postby ArmedSteno » Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:53 pm

Who cares


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Re: Kelowna Auxiliaries Testify at murder trial

Postby No 20 Year Medal » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:40 pm

Citizens give evidence in court all the time.....

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Re: Kelowna Auxiliaries Testify at murder trial

Postby Ktownaux » Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:24 pm

You're right, my bad. Not the best choice of title. Wanted to show a couple of our Auxiliaries that were involved in a stabbing call and tried to save the guys life and that we can come in useful sometimes. I've edited the Subject title to better reflect the post.

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